who's that chic?


I have spent the last six years pulling the passion, potential, profits, and even prose out of hundreds of clients in my unique, straight-shooting it through your veins, quick action-oriented style of business coaching.

Through my Break Me Out of My Job sessions, I give solopreneurs who are still stuck in jobs they hate and despise, an opportunity to be out of that job for the 30 minutes they are with me. It is one of THE MOST FASCINATING sessions on the planet, especially if you can't stand your job. Most of my clients hire me after that session, so be ready to take the leap if you decide to book this magical breakthrough session with me (no seriously...I can sell ice to eskimos). LOL!!!

But on a more personal level, I’m just a southern belle who thinks conversations should be shared with a favorite beverage like coffee or whiskey, some comfy jeans (no not MOM or Steve Job jeans either...which for some people are the same jeans), and a very curious mind that is always digging for more.

I love to dance to all kinds of music. From Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Ed Sheeran, Lala Hathaway, Adam Levine, Imagine Dragons to lyricist like Outkast, Tupac, and Kendrick Lamar, I tend to march to the beat of my own drum in life. I learned this whole marching thing while in college on a band scholarship where I marched in a well-known marching band.

I am a bit of a word nerd when it comes to music lyrics and motivational quotes.

I’ve written and successfully published two fiction novels and created a tee shirt line to motivate others with wearable encouragement. Can you say WORD NERD...give me a VERB! HA! You weren't ready for that rap I just honored you with.

But you know what? Whether I am working with clients or simply having a stimulating chat with my family (especially my two kiddos who keep me on my toes) the art of conversation and words strewn together excites me! 

Oh yeah...I admittedly am a massage addict. If I could get one immediately upon wake up, it would be the best thing ever in life. 

But for me, life is about reaching your God-given potential. Anything else would be unfinished. 


My Official Pro Bio (for the people who are all about accolades and saying, "but who ARE you really?)

As a former journalist, my full-name byline has appeared in numerous daily newspapers including: The Houston Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, and The Cleveland Plain-Dealer. I have written articles for local Houston publications including Westchase Today and the Houston Chronicle’s neighborhood weekly edition, This Week. Additionally, I worked as writer/editor for Intele-Card News and H Magazine. I have more than 12 years of corporate marketing experience with a major insurance company. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Jackson State University, an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and received my professional coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an ICF certified coach training program, which allows me to hold the designation of Certified Professional Coach (CPC). 

Booyah Baby!!! Yeah, I'm quite a catch aren't I? :-)

Have you booked your session with me yet? If not, here's your last chance!!! Okay, just kidding. But if you gut says, I need to chat with her...then do it!!!